our designers

Torsteinsen Design

Torsteinsen Design is the team behind Core, and consists of 3 designers – the founder Fredrik Torsteinsen and Solveig Torsteinsen as well as colleague Vidar Øverby. The products are inspired by the functional but organic forms from the best Scandinavian design tradition, and seek to be both beautiful as well as user-friendly.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is the creative force behind Sunday’s Frame range. Originally from Britain, he has over 20 years of experience working as a designer in Norway, developing projects ranging from consumer electronics to marine seating.
Andrew is now working as senior designer at a consultancy in San Francisco, where he develops products and solutions for both start-ups and large, established multinationals.

Sundays Design Team

Behind our other products, you will find both famous Norwegian designers as well as Sundays Design Team.

Sundays Design Team consists of different people with varied backgrounds.
The one thing we have in common is we are all passionate about good design as well as quality. Our experience range from business in boating, outdoor furniture, automobile, design and more. We put all our creative energy into developing products able to stand up to the elements, and lasting for generations.